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World of Warcraft Cheats "Creating macros" (PC)


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Creating macros

To create a macro, press [Esc] and select "Macros", or type in /macro or /m. A little window should appear, listing all of your available macros. Click "New" and another window will appear asking for a name. It will have a list of icons inside. Choose a name that will make sense to you later and select an icon for it. Once you have done this, it will show up in your macro list. After that, there should be a cursor inside of a text box. This is where you actually write your macro. For example, if you wanted to do something when you first logged on, for example say hello to everyone, you would type in /s Hello all!. Also, if you would like to use an emote faster without having to resort to typing in the action ever single time, make a new macro for it and type in the action that you would like to perform. After you have finished creating your macro, drag it into your quick list and when you click on it or press its corresponding key, it will activate. Another thing you can do is insert %t into your macro. When this is added in to a macro, when you select a creature, player, etc., it will do what you type and add in the name of whatever you selected. For example, if you typed in /s What's up %t? as your macro, when you have someone or something selected it will come up with the name of whatever you have selected in place of %t. Another thing you can do with macros is cast spells on others much faster. For example, if you type this as your macro:

/target Elinia/cast Mark of the Wild(Rank 3)

It would automatically target that player and cast that spell on them. There is no need to write out the spell names and ranks. When you are making this type of macro, open your spellbook and press [Shift] + Left Mouse Button. It will automatically add the name of the spell that you just clicked into your macro.

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