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World of Warcraft Cheats "Increase Enchant skill" (PC)


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Increase Enchant skill

To easily increase your Enchant skill, select Tailoring and Enchanting as your two professions, then kill a lot of Defias Thieves if you are in Elwynn Forest or Defias Looters, or kill Pillagers if you are in Westfall. Get a lot of linen cloth, then tailor a large number of bolt and shirts. Get your skill to around 40-50, then go to a Journeyman Tailor. Learn to create a red linen robe. Try Stormwind if you are human. Then, create some red linen robes. They are enchanted; use Disenchant to get a skill point in Enchant and either Lesser Magic or Strange Dust. Then, enchant people's bracers for free. Buy linen cloth from people and make more red linen robes and disenchant them.

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