World of Warcraft PC Cheats

Rating 4

Easy experience

To double the experience gained from killing enemies, get rested. To do so, go to an inn and then log out for a while. When you return, your character will be rested. When your character is rested it will display "zzz" in the circle next to their portrait.

Rating 3

Learn fishing, cooking, etc

To learn skill such as fishing or cooking, go to a trainer and learn the basics. Then, open your ability book. Drag the ability to your action bar. Once there, click on it and it will should say what type of items you need or where to go. Once you reach a certain level in your abilities you can upgrade your weapons.

Rating 2

Dead Trogg blinks glitch

Kill a Trogg in Ironband's Evacuation Site. Look at its eyes after awhile. It should blink although it is dead.

Rating 2

Easy money hint

For easy money, if you have high experience in Herbalism, First Aid, Skinning, Leather Working, etc., get the necessary materials for what you want to make. For example, for First Aid, kill plenty of humanoids for linen cloth, wool cloth, etc. Then, sell the materials to an NPC. If you want more money, for example for Skinning and Leatherworking, make something out of the leather, then sell or auction it off at an auction house.

Rating 2

Chat commands

Activate the following effects by entering the corresponding codes into the chat window:

Dance - /dance
Sleep - /sleep
Fart - /fart
Joke - /silly
Click on other player to spit on them - /spit
Click on other player to cry on their shoulder - /cry
Click on other player to wave at them - /wave
Click on other player to flirt with them - /flirt
Click on other player to blow a kiss - /kiss
Clock on other player to mourn them - /mourn
Gives current bind location - /bind
Cast spells by name - /cast
List guild commands - /ghelp
List chat commands - /chat or /chathelp
Your character follows selected player - /follow or /f
Send message to party chat - /party or /p
Send message to people near you - /say or /s
Send reply to the last person who sent you a tell - /r
List players online - /who
Yell message to the area around you - /yell or /y
Create an emote - /em
Display amount of time game played with current character - /played
Send text to channel number - /[channel], /c, or /csay
Toggle join and leave announcements on channel - /announcements or /ann
Set your Away From Keyboard flag - /afk
Set Do Not Disturb flag - /dnd
Ban or unban player from channel - /ban
Unban player from channel - /unban
List channels - /chatlist
List channel members - /chatwho or /chatinfo [channel]
Invite player to channel - /cinvite or /chatinvite
Join channel - /join, /channel, or /chan
Kick player from channel - /kick
Leave a channel (or all channels) - /leave, /chatleave, or /chatexit [channel]
Set player's moderator status - /mod or /moderator
Remove player's moderator status - /unmod or /unmoderator
Toggle moderation on channel - /moderate
Change player's mute permission - /mute or /unmute
Change player's squelch permission - /squelch or /unsquelch
Change player's voice permission - /voice or /unvoice
Change password - /password or /pass

Rating 2

Easy pet taming

It is possible to tame a pet without taking any damage or getting knocked down. First, invite a druid into your group that is willing to help. Find your desired pet and have him cast Enraging Roots repeatedly until the taming process is complete.

Rating 1

Items in Ashenvalle

In Ashenvalle you will find Rotting Slime that drop treasure chests with items.

Rating 1


To easily get to a high Enchanting level, give away free Enchants to people who provide the materials or wait till you are over level 40 and have a mount and can use it. Then, buy lots of the same materials and repeatedly enchant the same item with the same enchant until it cannot level you any more. Continue to repeat the process to get a high Enchanting level quickly.

Rating 1

Character development

To increase the experience rate for Warriors and Paladins, choose their job as a blacksmith. For Priests, Warlock, Mage, or Shaman, choose healing abilities.

Rating 1

Guild commands

Activate the following effects by entering the corresponding codes into the chat window:

Basic information about guild - /ginfo
Send chat message to all guild members - /g
Send chat message to all guild officers - /o
Invites player to join guild - /ginvite
Remove player from guild - /gremove
Promote player one rank within guild - /gpromote
Demote player one rank within guild - /gdemote
Set guild's message of the day - /gmotd
Remove self from guild - /gquit
Give entire guild roster - /groster
Set another player as the guild master (guild master only) - /gleade
Disband guild (guild leader only) - /gdisband

Rating 1

Goblins twitch glitch

After you kill a goblin such as a Grell or Grellkin from Telldrassill, look closely at the body. He will still blink and his thumb will slowly move up and down.

Rating 1

Endless freefall glitch

Make a Night Elf character, theclass does not matter. Level up enough so that you will not die in the next area. Then, run to the next town and keep going east until you reach the cliffs. Use that grassy parts of the cliff to run up to a certain section where the map is suddenly cut off. Jump off this cliff. You should die and restart at the graveyard. Run back to where you jumped, then jump off again. You should now be in an unending free fall. Exit the game and delete this character, because when you log in again your character will still be falling.

Rating 1


To find Ekeyakke in the "Ekeyakee" quest given by Segra Darkthorn in the CrossRoads, go northeast to Grol'dom farm. Head to the east side of the mountain, where you will find the bones of a Giant Kodo near a tree. Stand next to the head and blow the horn. Ekeyakee should appear standing next to the tail and is a level 16 White Lion. You will need to tame him. If you kill him, then you will not be able to repeat the quest.

Rating 1

Prairie Chicken

The get a Prairie Chicken as a pet, go to Saldean's Farm in Westfall and find a chicken. Select it and type "/chicken" into the chat window. Do this until a message appears saying "Chicken looks at you quizzically. Maybe you should inspect it?". It requires a lot of attempts to do this. If it is done correctly, when you right-click over the chicken it should open a quest window. Accept it and purchase the Special Chicken Feed from Farmer Saldean. Return to the chicken, select it, then type "/cheer" into the chat window. Right click the chicken and complete the quest. The chicken will now lay a Prairie Chicken egg who becomes your pet. Note: The quest is only for Alliance. If you are a Horde member, you can get the egg by having a friend on an Alliance account complete the quest and allow you pick up the chicken.

Rating 1

Increase Enchant skill

To easily increase your Enchant skill, select Tailoring and Enchanting as your two professions, then kill a lot of Defias Thieves if you are in Elwynn Forest or Defias Looters, or kill Pillagers if you are in Westfall. Get a lot of linen cloth, then tailor a large number of bolt and shirts. Get your skill to around 40-50, then go to a Journeyman Tailor. Learn to create a red linen robe. Try Stormwind if you are human. Then, create some red linen robes. They are enchanted; use Disenchant to get a skill point in Enchant and either Lesser Magic or Strange Dust. Then, enchant people's bracers for free. Buy linen cloth from people and make more red linen robes and disenchant them.

Rating 0

Warlock Easy Kills

To easily kill enemies as a Warlock, use Fireballs and Drain Soul powers. To get these powers, you will need to complete some quests.

Rating 0

Creating macros

To create a macro, press [Esc] and select "Macros", or type in /macro or /m. A little window should appear, listing all of your available macros. Click "New" and another window will appear asking for a name. It will have a list of icons inside. Choose a name that will make sense to you later and select an icon for it. Once you have done this, it will show up in your macro list. After that, there should be a cursor inside of a text box. This is where you actually write your macro. For example, if you wanted to do something when you first logged on, for example say hello to everyone, you would type in /s Hello all!. Also, if you would like to use an emote faster without having to resort to typing in the action ever single time, make a new macro for it and type in the action that you would like to perform. After you have finished creating your macro, drag it into your quick list and when you click on it or press its corresponding key, it will activate. Another thing you can do is insert %t into your macro. When this is added in to a macro, when you select a creature, player, etc., it will do what you type and add in the name of whatever you selected. For example, if you typed in /s What's up %t? as your macro, when you have someone or something selected it will come up with the name of whatever you have selected in place of %t. Another thing you can do with macros is cast spells on others much faster. For example, if you type this as your macro:

/target Elinia/cast Mark of the Wild(Rank 3)

It would automatically target that player and cast that spell on them. There is no need to write out the spell names and ranks. When you are making this type of macro, open your spellbook and press [Shift] + Left Mouse Button. It will automatically add the name of the spell that you just clicked into your macro.