World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 PC Cheats

Rating 6

Boot creation

When creating boots, try to add all the parts together that have the same number (for example, part 1 and part 2, etc. all with number 5 and you will have the Nike Vapors made). With some color tweaking, you can get them perfect. Also, make the base color the color you want the Nike "tick" to be, then make the panels the boot color. For example, red main color with white parts equals Thierry Henry's white and red Vapors. Boots that can be made using same number parts include Peter Cech's white and blue Lottos, and the Retro Addidas World Cups and Puma Kings.

Rating 3

Easy PES points

Start an international league and select only two teams to enter the league. You will only have to play two games and will earn match winning points and 1,500 PES points each time you win the league.

Rating 3

Animal heads

Purchase the Edit Hairstyle from the PES Shop. Enter it in Edit mode then edit hairstyle.

Rating 2

Update your game

Go into "Edit" mode, choose "Edit Team", choose England, and go to "Set Formation'" The familiar boxes will appear. Select "Kicker/Captain" then go to "Captain". On the names list, the "Captain" icon will appear next to "Beckham". Move it onto "Terry" and accept. Exit Edit mode and it will save Terry as captain for England until it is altered again.

Rating 1

Metal Gear reference

Go to edit team and select PES UTD, then scroll to the bottom of the players list and there will be a player named "Metel Ger".

Rating 0

Quick recovery

During the Master League menu, after you do the "Regulate Condition", sometimes you will have important players down. If you want to change that, go to "Next Match". When the screen with the teams' uniforms appear, return to the menu and do "Regulate Condition" again. The players will recover.

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Purchasing players in Master League mode

During negotiating periods(after the end of the season), go to the general settings area. Change the difficulty settings to one or two stars. This makes negotiating easier. Players which you will spend much money in buying into your team (for example, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rooney, Vieri, Zidane, etc.) will come easier and faster when compared to negotiating between three or four stars.