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World War III: Black Gold PC Cheats

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Cheat Codes

Press ENTER during game play, then type peace followed by ENTER to enable cheat mode. Then, press ENTER, type one of the following codes, then press ENTER again to activate the corresponding cheat:

Extra money - moneyfornothing
Change research speed; 10 is quick research - mybrainisfaster
Very fast research - ultrascience
All research complete - nobelprize 1
Cheaper research - sciencefornothing
Reveal current area - moonlight
Reveal entire map - beautifulworld
Hide current map - hide
View enemy buildings and units - hereyouare!
Weaken all enemy structures in current viewing area - tromaville
Destroy all enemy units - byebye
Destroy all enemy units and structures in viewed area - judgementday
Damage center of screen - smash
Large amount of damage on screen - shower
Destroy all of your units - gohome!
Heal and rearms all selected units - idkfa
Set limit for total number of units that can be commanded in a global-type setting - limit_up
Orders a new unit - newone

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General strategies

The AI opponents in Word War III are pretty tough to defeat by even the best strategy player. The following area few mistakes you should try to avoid:

- Building too many useless letters, especially early on (e.g. SACKS is a good starting word, FUZZY is not).
- Not building enough power sources (e.g. S) to back up growth. Build plenty of (S) in the early game.
- Forming an industrial supply chain (e.g. Mine->K->A) with letters placed too far from each other.
- Using all your supplies for building, then finding that you don't have enough for maintenance.
- Not using trade to accelerate building and fix shortfalls (too much trade is even worse though...)
- Building too many worker robots and more military assets than you can support.
- Not building enough utilities (you,V,Y) to combat inflation and give you an edge in the late game.

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