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Worms 2 Cheats "Easy kills hints" (PC)


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Easy kills hints

-This hint may be used to easily kill a worm with 100 health. When playing in open terrain, jump right onto a worm with no obstacles above it. After that, fire a mortar straight up and jump away. The mortar will deal at least 100 points of damage.

-Jump right onto a worm and dump a cluster bomb right on top of his head (climb on top and fire it upwards, you do not have to charge up). The worm will blow up. It does not work all the time, but it is helpful in the caverns. Time the cluster bomb to 5 to allow you to run to avoid damage. This trick will yield about180 points of damage when it used properly.

-Toss a super banana bomb at a worm. When it is directly next to them, immediately press SPACE(2). This will cause the banana bomb to explode. All the cluster bananas will blow up next to the worm. It deals about 250 damage.

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