Zoo Tycoon PC Cheats

Rating 4

Swimming guests

Build a water tank around several guests. The tank will fill up with water and the guests will start to swim.

Rating 3

All scenarios

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. With a text editor, edit the "zoo.ini" file in the game folder. Add the following entries under the "[scenario]" section.


Rating 2

Crazy fountain

Enter the menu to buy a fountain. Right click on the "Elephant Fountain" and press SHIFT + CTRL + ALT. Your fountain will spray water all over your guests.

Rating 2

Destroy all buildings

Name male maintenance worker "The Rock" to destroy all buildings.

Rating 2

Killer bees

Put an insect house in a crocodile's exhibit to have a swarm of killer bees attack your guests.

Rating 2

Escaping monkeys

-If the monkeys are put in an exhibit at ground level, occasionally the Chimpanzees will escape from their exhibit. It is is better if you lower the ground about two or three levels then put a wall on top next to the pavement. However, do not put it on the low ground. The monkeys won't be able to reach the fence to jump out. Do not put any trees close to the edges as they could climb the trees. You now will have an inescapable exhibit. This can also be done for other animals.

-To prevent monkeys from escaping, make the land higher than the normal height and do this until you can see the dirt. After that, they will not escape.

Rating 2

Calm guests during animal rampage

Buy a Thompson's Gazelle. Enable the "Russell C" code on that exhibit. They will jump out. Enable the "Bob V" code. Your guests will remain calm. Note: Do not try this if you do not have much.

Rating 2

Free construction

When you pause game play then start building, no money will be taken.

Rating 2

Happy gorillas

Get a happiness of over 90 for the lowland gorillas to have them do a happy dance.

Rating 1

Exhibit cheats

Once the game automatically names an exhibit, get the following animals or effects by renaming it to the corresponding codes:

Triceratops - Cretaceous Corral
Unicorn - Xanadu
Dodo - Doflopnok
Yeti - Kathmandu
Chance that more guests enter zoo - Wonderland
Double exhibit donations - Microsoft
Double amount paid at attractions - Blue Fang

Rating 1

Happy penguins

Get a happiness rating of over 90 for the penguins to have them do a happy dance.

Rating 1

Microsoft plane

On game date September 15, a biplane with the Microsoft logo will show up.

Rating 1

Sick guests

On game date January 1, more guests will become sick.

Rating 1

Santa Claus

On game date December 25, Santa Claus will fly above.

Rating 1

Change pointer hand color

Press CTRL + C to change the pointer hand color.

Rating 1

No rubble or trampled terrain

Block off part of the exhibit, then put terrain that can be trampled there. In their part of the exhibit, put Dirt, Sand, Brown or Gray Stone, or Snow. You can also use water as a fence if the animal cannot swim.

Rating 1

Remove foliage and $300 tax rebate

Name a male maintenance worker "George W" to remove foliage and get a $300 tax rebate.

Rating 1

Escaping bear

Name a bear "Deer" and it will instantly break out of its exhibit, unless surrounded by an electric fence.

Rating 1

Evil penguins

Put a herbivore with a penguin and after a fight, all penguins will be evil.

Rating 1

Animals rampage

Put all the animals in the same exhibit, then set them free. They will trample your paths, tear down your trees, and reduce your buildings to rubble.

Rating 1

Free animal

Put a male and female of your favorite animal together to have them give birth to a free animal.

Rating 1

Yellow brick road footpath

Place a lion, bengal tiger, and a black bear in an exhibit to create a yellow brick road footpath.

Rating 1

Crazy guests

When your guests are looking at an animal from the side of an exhibit, immediately pause game play and build another exhibit around the guests. Place some lions or crocodiles in the exhibit and resume the game. The guests will start running around screaming.

Rating 1

Flying reindeer

For flying reindeer, name them after Santa's reindeer (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen) They will not fly all the time, but eventually stars will appear under their feet and they will glide across the exhibit.

Rating 0

Name cheats

Activate the following cheats by renaming your guests to the corresponding names:

Blue guests and buildings - Mr. Blue
Yellow guests and buildings - Mr. Blonde
White guests and buildings - Mr. White
Brown guests and buildings - Mr. Brown
Orange guests and buildings - Mr. Orange
Pink guests and buildings - Mr. Pink
White birds attack - Alfred H
Fences deteriorate 100% - Russell C
Sick guests - Zeta Psi
All scenarios - Akiyama
All animal enrichment research programs - Lou Catanzaro
All animal care research programs - Adam Levesque
All animal buildings - Andrew Binder
All animal shelters available - John Wheeler
All exhibit foliage - Charlie Peterson
All staff education research programs - Hank Howie
All endangered animals research programs - Steve Serafino

Rating 0

Guide lines on land

Press CTRL + G.

Rating 0

Fix all broken fences

Name a male maintenance worker "Bob V" to fix all broken fences.

Rating 0

White dodo

To get a white dodo, name a dodo "Mr. Dodo".

Rating 0

Strange penguin dance

If you place a penguin and an African warthog together in the same exhibi, they will fight and the penguin will win. Sometimes when the penguin wins it will do a strange dance.

Rating 0

Trio statue

Win the Super Zoo scenario to get a Trio statue.

Rating 0

Unlimited money

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. With a text editor, edit the "zoo.ini" file in the game folder. Locate the following lines and change the values after the "=" as indicated. Note: The changes only affect new games and do not work on saved games.


Rating 0

Animal terror

Pause game play when you have plenty of guests, then block the zoo entrance with a brick fence or a statue. Delete all your zookeepers, then delete all the fences for the exhibits and resume the game. Your animals will start chasing your guests. Bears, tigers, lions and other carnivores are more aggressive and will literally throw your guests in the air when attacking.

Rating 0

Creating a pool

Place a patch of fresh or salt water on the ground. No exhibit fencing is required. Guests might swim in the water.

Rating 0

Swimming on land glitch

Put an animal in some water, then pick it up and put it on land. Notice that it will still be swimming.

Rating 0

Set all tour guides salaries to zero

Name one of the tour guides "Rosalie" to set all salaries to zero.

Rating 0

Halloween zoo

Set your system date to October 31 or November 1 and all guests and buildings will turn orange and black. You can also purchase a jack-o-lantern at the buildings and items menu and see a witch fly overhead.

Rating 0

Completing the Breeding Giant Pandas scenario

To get Panda Research you must complete the Breeding Giant Pandas scenario. You need to breed Giant Pandas, but you cannot get them until you make fifteen excellent exhibits. You also need to do all Panda Research and get their cave and bamboo. You can then get only two pandas, one male and female. To raise your chance of breeding your pandas, build their exhibit, pause game play, then buy as many pandas as needed before resuming the game. After that, wait until the scenario ends.

Rating 0

Free babies

Put only one male and three females to have a baby.

Rating 0

Allowing zookeepers to reach blocked exhibits

When a zookeeper cannot access an exhibit because it is blocked, put the zookeeper in the exhibit. He or she will place the food. Then, take him or her out again and put them back on the path.

Alternatively, adopt a herbivore such as a tom gazelle or a sheep family animal into a carnivore's cage. Although red angry faces will rise up from the carnivore's head, it will chase after the herbivore. Wait and the herbivore will disappear.

Rating 0

Red fence glitch

Pause game play and click on the button on the side that looks like a bulldozer. After that, click on a fence, answer "No" to deleting it, and the fence will turn red until you put the pointer on it, when the pointer looks like a bulldozer.

Rating 0

Christmas decorations

On game date December 25th you can buy Christmas Trees and Frosty the Snowman for your zoo.