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3D Dot Game Heroes Cheats "Alternate Ending: The Princess and the Fairie" (PS3)


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Alternate Ending: The Princess and the Fairie

-There's a missing princess in Dotnia, but you won’t be able to save her unless you follow these careful steps. You can start this sidequest just after completing the Wind temple, but before returning to Dotnia Castle to meet with the sages. Stock up on keys at Jim's Shack; two of each color (Red, Blue and Green). Head west from the Shack and cross the small stream, then look at your minimap to see a red pixel along the cliff wall. Step onto the pixel to teleport to a new area with a special treasure: the Anchor Rod. Use this extended grappling hook to reach the island in the circular lake to the south. Reach the lake via a path leading west from the desert, then grapple over to the island and blow open the door. Spend three more keys in the mini dungeon and find a second fairy friend at the far end. Then, seek out a similar cave in the far north. The entrance to this one can be found a couple screens to the southeast of Hotel Nialliv in the swamp. At the end of this cave you'll find a third fairy -- but it turns out that this one's the Princess. Head back to the castle to return the lovely lady to her digs. With the Princess returned, the following cutscenes and ending are different.

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