Afro Samurai PS3 Cheats

Rating 2

Brother 6 (flamethrower) strategy

To defeat Brother 6 with the flamethrower, start by either running a circle around him until he stops shooting fire or hit you with the fire. If he hits you, he will laugh and be open for an attack. Use Slash to stun him, then use the SQUARE(4) combo until he shoves you away. After hitting the ground, immediately use the Slash. If done quick enough, you will interrupt his attack and stun him. Repeat the combo on him, then repeat the entire process through all of the phases.

Rating 2

Daimyo strategy

You can foresee his big attack when his weapon sparkles. Time your blocks to parry his attacks. When he is open, use any desired combo until he backflips away. Repeat this until he has been defeated.

Rating 2

Sword Master strategy

Time your blocks to parry his attacks and leave him open. You can foresee a big attack when his weapon starts sparkling. Use any combo until he begins blocking. After you have locked swords with him twice, he becomes faster and stronger. Keep parrying him and combo back if you are skilled at timing your moves. Otherwise, Focus Dodge and attack.

Rating 1

Displaying statistics

Press L3 + R3 during game play to see the statistics.

Rating 0

Completion bonuses

Complete Story mode to unlock Number One Headband difficulty and the Treasure Gallery.