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Alex Kidd in Miracle World PS3 Cheats

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Trophy How To Unlock
A Brush with Death

Outrun a ghost!
Copter Rider

Have a snack on the Petit-Copter!
Fists of Stone

Break 300 blocks with your fists.
Good Vibrations

Freeze in fear from breaking a Skull Block.
Octopus Sushi

Defeat both giant octopi.

Enjoy a sky cruise in the Petit-Copter.
Rockin' the Bike

Ride through Stage 2 on the Sukopako Motorcycle.

Lose rock-paper-scissors even while using a Telepathy Ball.
Tears of Regret

Run out of lives in Janken's dungeon with less than $400.
Boat Cruise

Clear Stage 9 while on the Suisui Boat.
Mission Complete

Clear every stage.
Amazing Score

Collect all the items and finish the game.

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Continue hint

When you lose all your lives, have over $800, and wish to continue, hold UP on the D-Pad, and press Button 2 eight times.

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Janken challenges

Do the following to defeat the Janken bosses when you play against them, without having to fight them if you lose. Note: This must be done in that order from the start of the game, if you select one different along the way all the rest will be different:
1st Choose Rock in the first game, then Scissors in the second 
2nd Scissors, then Paper 
3rd Rock, Scissors 
4th Paper, Paper 
5th Rock, Rock 
6th Rock, Scissors 
7th Paper, Paper

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