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Aliens: Colonial Marines Cheats "Spaceballs easter egg" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  PC


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Spaceballs easter egg

During the "One Bullet" mission, continue until reaching the operating rooms that contain Xenomorph specimens in glass containers. Go past the room containing victims with Facehuggers and through the hallway ahead with human soldiers. Locate the door surrounded in green light and search the hallway to find an office with the second audio log for this mission. Do not enter the second room where soldiers will try to activate alarms. Instead, circle around to another hallway leading to the same alarm room. Cruz will wait to rush inside the alarm room. Instead of going with him, leave the operating room through the alternate door and enter the alarm room through the left-most side of that path. You must enter the alarm room using this alternate path in order to see a miniature top hat and cane inside a glass container, a reference to the scene in Spaceballs where Chestburster explodes from a chest and imitates the Michigan J. Frog dance from the Warner Bros. cartoon.

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