Amazing Spider-Man, The PS3 Cheats

Rating 3

Comic book page finder

To unlock the comic book page finder on the mini map (will appear as yellow dots), collect 500 pages (there are 700 pages total: 100 flying pages, and 600 stationary in both the open world and in levels).

Rating 3

Unlockable Comic Books

Unlock and read the following full issues of Spider-Man comics by collecting the corresponding number of pages around Manhattan:

1st Black Cat 125 Pages
1st Gwen Stacy 350 Pages
1st Iguana 250 Pages
1st Lizard 15 Pages
1st Rhino 50 Pages
1st Scorpion 80 Pages
1st Smythe 500 Pages
1st Spider-Man 5 Pages
Modern Lizard 30 Pages
Vs. Vermin 175 Pages

Rating 1


Trophy How To Unlock
A Dash of Spider
Complete all XTreme Race challenges
Amazing Spider-Man
Unlock all concept art
Apparent Defeat
Defeat Iguana
Beating the Odds
Clear the second fight against the Hunter robots
Call Interrupted
Destroy a Seeker before it can call a Hunter
Car Hopper
Clear all car chases
Collect all Oscorp Manuals
Deeply Sorry
Defeat Nattie
Down for the Count
Defeat Rhino in the sewers
Friendly Neighbor
Save a hostage caught in a petty crime
FYI I'm Spider-Man
Perform 25 Signature Moves
Complete all Oscorp Secret Research Labs
Perform a Web-Rush punch
Defeat Felicia
Collect all audio evidence
Keep It Together
Immobilize 6 enemies simultaneously with web
Collect all magazines
Lightweight Champion
Defeat 100 enemies
Resolve all police deadlocks
On the Fly
Collect all 700 Spider-Man Comic Pages
Peace of Mind
Return all escapees to the police
Pest Control
Defeat Scorpion in the city
Peter Parker
Complete the game on human difficulty
Rescue all infected civilians
Sky Captain
Chain 10 Web-Rushes in the city
Smell You Later
Defeat Vermin
Speed Bump Ahead
Defeat Rhino in the city
Stick to the Plan
Defeat 50 enemies by performing Stealth Takedowns
Tail? You Lose
Defeat Scorpion in quarantine
Tech Savvy
Collect all hidden Tech Pieces
The Camera Loves You
Complete all XTreme Video challenges
Ultimate Spider-Man
Acquire all upgrades
Who's the Prey?
Clear the first fight against the Hunter robots
Big Apple, Big Worm
Defeat the S-02
All Tied Up
Defeat 100 enemies by performing Stealth Takedowns
Clean Victory
Defeat a Hunter without using your Web-Shooters
I'm on a Roll!
Achieve a combo streak of 42
Middleweight Champion
Defeat 500 enemies
Siege Averted
Defeat the S-01
Switched Off
Rescue Alistaire Smythe
The Sky Is the Limit
Defeat the S-01 without touching the ground
Tomorrow Is Saved
Defeat the S-03
Complete the game on hero difficulty
Welcome Back, Friend
Defeat Lizard
Heavyweight Champion
Defeat 1000 enemies
Complete the game on super hero difficulty
Does everything a spider can!
Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

Rating 1

Unlockable Costumes

Unlock the following costumes by performing the corresponding tasks:

Big Time Suit In Times Square behind the red bleachers, on the glass.
Classic Black Suit Under the Gazebo in the narrow park, left of the main Oscorp Building downtown.
Classic Spider-man Costume Unlocks with the activation of the Rhino Challenge DLC
Cross Species Spider-Man Complete the game on any setting
Future Foundation Suit Behind the gas station store in a small alley. One block right of north bridge
Negative Zone Suit On top of Beenox building, second building inward from Brooklyn Bridge.
New Black Suit Complete the game 100%
Scarlet Spider (2012) Costume You need the camera to unlock this costume. Go to Central Park and from the fountain move north away from it until you see a bridge.