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Arcana Heart 3 Cheats "Unlockable Illustrations" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Unlockable Illustrations

Unlock the following illustrations at the "Gallery" menu by selecting the corresponding characters in any mode:
Akane Illustrations Akane.
Angelia Illustrations Angelia.
Arcana of Blossoms Kayatsuhime Illustrations Kayasuhime.
Arcana of Darkness Gier Illustrations Gier.
Arcana of Earth Ohtsuchi Illustrations Ohtsuchi.
Arcana of Evil Dieu Mort Illustrations Dieu Mort.
Arcana of Fire Lang-Gong Illustrations Lang-Gong.
Arcana of Ice Almacia Illustrations Almacia.
Arcana of Light Mildred Illustrations Mildred.
Arcana of Lightning Bhanri Illustrations Bhanri.
Arcana of Love Partinias Illustrations Partinias.
Arcana of Luck Saligrama Illustrations Saligrama.
Arcana of Magnetism Median Illustrations Median.
Arcana of Metal Oreichalkos Illustrations Oreichalkos.
Arcana of Mirrors Heliogabalus Illustrations Heliogabalus.
Arcana of Nature Moriomoto Illustrations Moriomoto.
Arcana of Punishment Koshmar Illustrations Koshmar.
Arcana of Sin Sorwat Illustrations Sorwat.
Arcana of Sounf Phenex Illustrations Phenex.
Arcana of Time Anutpada Illustrations Anutpada.
Arcana of Water Niptra Illustrations Niptra.
Arcana of Wind Tempestas Illustrations Tempestas.
Arcana of the Holy Zilrael Illustrations Zilrael.
Catherine Illustrations Catherine.
Clarice Illustrations Clarice.
Dorothy Illustrations Dorothy.
Eko Illustrations Eko.
Elsa Illustrations Elsa.
Fiona Illustrations Fiona.
Heart Illustrations Heart.
Kamui Illustrations Kamui.
Kira Illustrations Kira.
Konoha Illustrations Konoha.
Lieselotte Illustrations Lieselotte.
Lilica Illustrations Lilica.
Maori Illustrations Maori.
Mei-Fang Illustrations Mei-Fang.
Mildred Illustrations Mildred.
Nazuna Illustrations Nazuna.
Petra Illustrations Petra.
Saki Illustrations Saki.
Scharlachrot Illustrations #1 Scharlachrot.
Scharlachrot Illustrations #2 Scharlachrot.
Spirit of Fenrir Baldur Illustrations Fenrir Baldur.
Spirit of Tyr Gottfried Illustrations Tyr Gottfried.
Weiss Illustrations Weiss.
Yoriko Illustrations Yoriko.
Zenia Illustrations Zenia.

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