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Armored Core for Answer Cheats "Easy "S" rank on "Attack On Arteria Cranium":" (PS3)


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Easy "S" rank on "Attack On Arteria Cranium":

Use the following strategy in Attack On Arteria Cranium (Hard difficulty setting; Blade strategy). You may have a hard time going against three ACs with no support. Try out this build. It is typical, with most parts acquired through the story by getting "White Glint". You need a total (as of now) 389 FRS Memory Points. This build is very fast, hits hard, and all you have to do is use hit and run booster techniques.

Max ARGYROS/G: Energy Output, Energy Capacity, KP Output. Do not worry with load, as you will be fast and extremely agile. You will be nowhere in the caution or overloaded area.

Primal Armor
Scroll across to "Primal Armor" and max all four slots. The remaining points can be supplied to the "Acquisition" if desired, for lock-on speed.

R Arm Unit: 07-Moonlight
L Arm Unit: 07-Moonlight
R Back Unit/ L Back Unit: ACB-0710 (replaces both the R/L Back Units)
FCS: BLUEEXS (perfect for blading)
Generator: ARGYROS/G (plenty of energy with above tuning)
Main Booster: MB11-LATONA
Back Booster: ARGYROS/B
Side Booster: AB-LAHIRE
Overed Booster: GAN02-NSS-O.CG

-Upon entering the level, immediately boost towards the first target. Boost and attack him with two blades before boosting off. Upon hitting him, boost away as quickly as possible to minimize damage. Do not get carried away. With boosting and blading, your energy can rapidly deplete if you are not careful. Upon boosting ahead you will face two more ACs. The last (extra one under the Hard difficulty setting) is a bit stupid in the start and boosts against the wall. Quickly fly in and blade him. If done correctly, you should blade him twice. Again, use hit and run tactics. If you see your energy is dropping low, boost to a safe spot quickly, idle, and let it recharge Boost back in, lock in, blade, and boost back. This build can also easily take down the AF-ANSWERER.

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