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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Cheats "Full Synch requirements for storyline memories" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  PC


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Full Synch requirements for storyline memories

Get 100% Synch by performing the corresponding tasks in the storyline:
"An Apple a Day" Do not kill anyone. 
"As Good As New" Do not drop below one health square. 
"Between A Rock And A Hard Place" Kill only the Borgia Captain. 
"Calling All Stand-Ins" Use Assassin Recruits to assassinate your targets. 
"Castello Crasher" Do not be detected. 
"Crepil il Lupo" Do not lose any health. 
"Double Agent" Do not be detected while reducing Notoriety. Remain undetected until rejoining La Volpe at the Thieve's Guild. 
"Easy Come, Easy Go" Do not lose any health. 
"Escape From Debt" Do not be detected while escorting the senator. 
"Exit Stage Right" Do not kill anyone other than the gunmen. 
"Femme Fatale" Do not lose more than ten health squares. 
"Follow The Money" Do not be detected and do not touch the ground while tailing the Senator. 
"French Kiss" Do not be detected. 
"Gatekeeper" Do not take any damage. 
"Guardian of Forli" Achieve a kill streak of at least five guards. 
"High-Stakes Negotiation" Do not swim. 
"Human Cargo" Kill your target using the Assassin Recruits 
"In And Out" Kill the Banker from a bench without being detected. 
"Intervention" Do not swim. 
"Man Of The People" Do not lose more than five health squares. 
"New Man In Town" Throw the Borgia Captain into the scaffold to kill him. 
"Patching the Leak" Do not drop below five health squares. 
"Pax Romana" Do not drop below 5 health squares.
"Requiem" Do not be detected. 
"Serial Offender" Kill your target using the Assassin Recruits 
"The Apple of Eden" Do not lose any health. 
"The Burdens We Carry" Do not be detected. 
"The Halls Of Nero" Complete the memory within eight minutes. 
"Trojan Horse" Do not lose any health squares. 
"Well Executed" Kill your target with the hidden blade. 
"When In Rome..." Arrive at your destination in less than three minutes. 
"Who's Got Mail?" Catch the Borgia courier in under one minute. 

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