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Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Cheats "Unlockable Guardian Bakugans" (PS3)

Game also available for:   NDS


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Unlockable Guardian Bakugans

To unlock the following Guardian Bakugan characters at the Bakugan store, win the Ultimate Battle Tournament and defeat Marduk in the last battle. Then, challenge and defeat the characters at the park. To unlock the following characters evolved Guardian Bakugan, defeat them twice:
Choji Aquos Preyas; Aquos Preyas II Angelo/Diablo
Dan Pyrus Dragonoid; Pyrus Delta Dragonoid II
Julie Subterra Gorem; Subterra Hammer Gorem
Marduk Darkus Vladitor; Darkus Battle Axe Vladitor
Masquerade Darkus Hydranoid; Darkus Blade Hydranoid
Runo Haos Tigrerra; Haos Blade Tigrerra
Shun Ventus Skyress; Ventus Storm Skyress

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