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Bayonetta Cheats "Unlockable Weapons" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Unlockable Weapons

Unlock the following weapons by performing the corresponding tasks:
Bazillions Complete the game on the Hard.
Durga claws In Chapter 5, defeating angel mini-bosses (Grace and Glory) for the first part of the weapon. The second part can be found at the coiled "snake" road that leads to the Staff of Jormungandr. When starting on the road, turn to the right to find the second part from the chest, which then becomes an Alfheim portal. The third part of the weapon can be found about halfway up the coiled "snake" road. Search the "rest area" found just before the road begins breaking apart to find a chest that contains the third part of the weapon.
Handguns Complete the game on the Normal.
Kilgore launcher In Chapter 9, the first part is found past a wall with a sun symbol at the first fight. The second part is dropped after defeating the enemy warships (Kinship). The third part is located near the shop portal after passing the Golem (metal sphere) in the town square. To reach it, jump the gap and go to the top of the stairs to find another wall with a sun symbol.
Kulshedra whip In Chapter 3, defeat an angel (Fearless) for the first part of the weapon. The second part can be found in the fight after acquiring panther form. Fight past the first area to reach a small pool with Witch Time statues. Drop down into the water and turn to the left. Search the rocks to find a chest that contains the second part of the weapon.
Odette skates In Chapter 6, look directly behind Bayonetta at the start to find the first part. The second part can be found behind a hidden wall in the second area that has the Inspired angels enemies. The third part is dropped by the angel (Joy) at the end of the chapter.
Onyx Roses shotguns In Chapter 1, defeat an angel (Beloved) then visit the shop to unlock this weapon and its alternate.
Pillow Talk Complete the game on the Non-Stop Infinite Climax.
Rodin Purchase the "Platinum Ticket", and defeat Father Rodin.
Sai-fon Complete 100 chapters on the Normal or higher.
Shuraba sword In Chapter 2, defeat two angels (Beloved) then visit the shop.

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