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BioShock Cheats "Audio Dairy locations" (PS3)

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Audio Dairy locations **Updated 9 months ago**

Find the following Audio Diaries by searching the corresponding locations. Note: there are122 audio diaries. They are required for the "Historian" trophy.
A Man or a Parasite- Andrew Ryan Hephaestus Core desk outside of bunks
Adam Discovery- Tenenbaum Upper Wharf in crate below the wharfmaster's office
Adam Explained- Tenenbaum Silverwing Apiary near entrance counter
Adam's Changes- Steinman Emergency Access on the desk
Aphrodite Waking- Steinman Surgery desk in northern OR
Arcadia Closed Langford- Tea Garden desk near Gene Bank
Arcadia and Oxygen Langford- Tree Farm near crate at entrance
Arresting Fontaine- McDonagh Fighting McDonagh room #6 upstairs
Artist Woman- Sullivan Culpepper's Apartment main room's corner table
Artist's Feud- Sullivan Cocktail Lounge above the bar safe
Assassin Anya Andersdotter- Hephaestus Core near Gatherer's Garden
Assembling the Bomb Kyburz- Lower Workshops secret crawlspace desk
Atlas Lives- Diane McClintock Apollo Square near Gatherer's Garden
Baby Status- Suchong Control Room on table beneath photos
Bathysphere Keys- Sullivan Lower Wharf under south end of the boardwalk
Bee Enzyme Tasha Denu- Farmers Market ground near pneumo tube
Big Night Out- Dieter Sonnekalb Tea Garden floor near ghost bench
Bumb Culpepper?- Sullivan Pharoah's Fortune on pool table upstairs
Changing Employers- Suchong Main Hall melt the ice, enter the closet upstairs, search the trash can
Cheap Son of a Bitch- Suchong Storage small storage area's desk
Come to the Record Store Cobb- Southern Mall on table outside of the restroom
Death Penalty in Rapture- Andrew Ryan Jet Postal desk by vending machine
Desperate Times- Andrew Ryan Farmers Market near freezer crawlspace
Device Almost Finished Kyburz- Lower Workshops office desk at bottom of the stairs
Early Tests Promising Langford- Waterfall Grottos near water wheel
Eden Leaking- McDonagh Upper Wharf hallway going towards Jet Postal
Enrage Trial- Suchong Kure All corner of main room
Extra Munitions- Suchong Plasmid Prototyping ground near RPG turret
Fancy Cigarettes Albert Milonakis- Le Marquis D'Epogue downstairs near corpse
Finding the Sea Slug- Tenenbaum Upper Wharf table by the stairwell entrance
First Encounter- Andrew Ryan Farmers Market near Bouncer corpse
Fontaine Must Go- Andrew Ryan Lower Wharf crawl under the metal grating by the pipes
Fontaine's Army- McDonagh Sir-Prize left of stairs in crate
Fontaine's Homan Jukebox- Suchong- Suchong's Apartment on floor in south room Mind Control Antidote- Suchong- Suchong's Apartment on desk next to tonic Fontaine's Breakup- Paparazzi Mercury Suites near U-Invent machine on the walkway
Fontaine's Legacy- McDonagh Hephaestus Core near Vita-Chamber on the walkway
Fontaine's Smugglers- Tenenbaum Jet Postal bench in glass tube
Freezing Pipes- McDonagh Medical Pavilion Foyer near bottom of stairs
Functional Children- Tenenbaum Winery on the back table
Gatherer's Vulnerability- Steinman Lounge on the floor by Gatherer's Garden
Genetic Arms Race- McDonagh Lower Heat Loss Monitoring on desk in flooded area
Getting a Break Pablo Navarro- Lower Heat Loss Monitoring on desk near tonic
Going to Heat Loss Anya Andersdotter- Outside Ryan's Office forth corpse on right
Great Chain Moves Slowly- Andrew Ryan Kyburz's Office desk in back of room
Guns Blazing- McDonagh Robertson's Tobaccoria table near entrance
Hatred- Tenenbaum Farmers Market lower storage room desk
Have My Badge- Sullivan Wharfmaster's Office on desk
Heroes and Criminals- Diane McClintock Waterfall Grottos in locked machinery room
Higher Standards- Steinman Medical Pavilion Foyer near entrance on wall
Hole in the Bathroom Wall- Steve Barker Kashmir Restaurant in the "Dames" bathroom
Impossible Anywhere Else- Andrew Ryan Hephaestus Core desk at bottom walkway
It's All Grift Hector Rodriguez- Eve's Garden on the bar
Kraut Scientist- Frank Fontaine Control Room Lower Floor in locked storage cave
Kyburz Door Code Pablo Navarro- Heat Loss Monitoring floor in the corner
Lazarus Vector Langford- Langford's Office in Julie Langford's body
Lazarus Vector Formula Langford- Langford's Office in Julie's wall safe
Limits of Imagination- Steinman Medical Pavilion Foyer by Eternal Flame's wall
Love for Science- Tenenbaum Medical Pavilion Foyer near health station
Market Maintenance Code Pablo Navarro- Lower Workshops crawlspace under stairs
Marketing Gold- Andrew Ryan Test Subject Storage on machine in right part of room near water
Masha Come Home Marista Lutz- Upper Wharf floor by Little Sister
Mass Producting Adam- Tenenbaum Tea Garden floor near chairs
Maternal Instinct- Tenenbaum Tree Farm on the steps towards Farmer's Market
Meeting Atlas- Diane McClintock Hestia Chambers right of entrance
Meeting Ryan- McDonagh Fighting McDonagh crawl through the water-filled ventilation shaft towards the Gene Bank
Meeting With Fontaine- Peach Wilkins Storage Cave ground by crates
Mind Control Test- Suchong Control Room on table beneath photos
Missing Boots- Suchong Candidate Conversion Area desk in back of room
Mistakes- Andrew Ryan Suit Assembly near the Gene Bank
Mozart of Genetics- Suchong Olympus Heights Bistro Square snack bar
Musical Insult- Sander Cohen Fleet Hall Theatre storage room near guitar
New Year's Eve Alone- Diane McClintock Kashmir Bottom Floor on top of table
Not What She Wanted- Steinman Surgery in the corpse on table the doctor worked on
Offered a Deal- Peach Wilkins Submarine Bay on dock towards Arcadia
Offering a Better Product- Andrew Ryan Waterfall Grottos near water wheel
Parasite Expectations- Andrew Ryan Medical Pavilion Foyer near surgery on desk
Picked Up Timmy H- Sullivan Upper Wharf near Little Sister in the corpse
Plasmids are the Paint- Suchong Painless Dental desk in the corner
Pregnancy Jasmine Jolene- Eve's Garden under bed behind stage
Protecting Little Ones- Suchong Suit Assembly desk 2nd floor SE room
Protection Bond- Suchong Artemis Suites Suchong's office floor
Protector Smell- Suchong Suit Assembly machinery 2nd floor SW
Pulling Together- Andrew Ryan Farmers Market on meat market counter
Putting the Screws On- Peach Wilkins Freezer Bottom Floor next to safe
Rapture Changing- McDonagh Fighting McDonagh desk in basement office
Released Today- Diane McClintock Medical Pavilion Foyer on the reception desk
Requiem for Andrew Ryan- Sander Cohen Projection Booth on office table
Running Short on R-34s Pablo Navarro- Hephaestus Core desk outside the Workshops entrance
Ryan Takes F Futuristics- McDonagh Hephaestus Bathysphere St. crate near the Circus of Values machine
Ryan's Stableboy Anna Culpepper- Rapture Records behind entrance counter
Sad Saps- Frank Fontaine Fontaine's Apartment coffee table near cigars
Saw Masha Today Marista Lutz- Fighting McDonagh room #7 upstairs
Scooping the Gate Kyburz- Outside Ryan's Office near the Circus of Values machine
Seeing Ghosts- McDonagh Tea Garden floor left of entrance
Shouldn't Have Come Mariska Lutz- Lower Rolling Hills bench near stairs
Smuggling Ring- Sullivan Fighting McDonagh center bar table
Stood Up Again- Diane McClintock Upper Atrium top of stairs near Fleet Hall's entrance
Stopping Ryan- McDonagh Ryan's Office first corpse on right
Surgery's Picasso- Steinman Eternal Flame entrance near memorial
Symmetry- Steinman Surgery Foyer wall by debris pile
Teaching an Old Hound Langford- Research Laboratories table in second room
Testing Telekinesis- Suchong Dandy Dental on the floor by Gatherer's Garden
The Doubters- Sander Cohen Cohen's Collection downstairs table
The Dream Kyburz- Lower Workshops corpse in middle of room
The Great Chain- Andrew Ryan Arcadia Metro Station bench right of entrance
The Iceman Cometh Martin Finnegan- Frozen Tunnel left of entrance hall
The Longest Con- Frank Fontaine Atlas' Headquarters on desk next of tonic
The Market is Patient- Andrew Ryan Waterfall Grottos bench near U-Invent
The Saturnine Langford- Lower Rolling Hills cave behind waterfall
The Vita Chamber- Suchong Control Room desk left of entrance
The Wild Bunny- Sander Cohen Sophia Salon in closet behind counter
Timmy H. Interrogation- Sullivan Lower Wharf in the water of the interrogation room
Today's Raid- Diane McClintock Atlas' Headquarters in corpse near the safe
Useless Experiments- Tenenbaum Dandy Dental floor near entrance
Vandalism- Andrew Ryan Medical Pavilion Foyer near vending machines
Watch Fontaine- Andrew Ryan Upper Wharf next to the Circus of values machine
Water in Wine Pierre Gobbi- Farmers Market near winery sign
What Won't They Steal Langford- Research Laboratories near entrance
What's Happening Here?- Diane McClintock Apollo Square on the ground near Circus of Values
Why Just Girls?- Tenenbaum Atrium Balcony on desk in second floor of orphanage
Working Late Again- Andrew Ryan Fighting McDonagh window bar table

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