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Borderlands Cheats "Easy weapons in "The Backdoor"" (PS3)

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Easy weapons in "The Backdoor"

Another place to get infinite good weapons is in "The Backdoor", in the mission "Get some answers". It involves a short run with three weapon chests, seven ammunition crates, and about five collectible piles of gunk. As soon as you get to the ammo store located next to the two weapon crates, exit the game and reload. It is also a good area to level up a second character by starting a co-op or split screen mode game before each run-through. You can also use this area to get the challenge "How much for the planet" because you can receive anywhere from $80,000 to $200,000 in items. To maximize profits and experience, it is recommended that even if you are playing in single player mode, you should do this run-through in split-screen by signing in with another profile, and using any character desired. The person chosen does not matter because you will just leave him at the entrance. This will maximize profits since the enemies are harder, and there will be more of them. This will help maximize the possible experience and profit that can be received. Note: You will have to run through this several times to reach $9,999,999. Every once in a while you will receive an item, weapon, or mod that ends up being better than what you are currently using. For example, you may get a CR-B War Stomper Assault rifle with 166 damage, a ZPR15-B Terrible Shredder shotgun with 150 X11 damage, or a rocket launcher that does 336 x3 damage with a 500% burst rate.

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