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Borderlands Cheats ""The Destroyer" boss strategy" (PS3)

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"The Destroyer" boss strategy

This creature is from another dimension, is massive, and has a ridiculous amount of health. This creature is a mountain of flesh with multiple tentacles that can re-spawn as the battle progresses. It has a blue-lighted cave that seems to be its eye. Most of the tentacles have large glowing orbs about halfway down their length. Shooting the orbs will destroy the tentacles. Begin by running toward the creature and hiding behind a pillar that is located to the right or left just out of range for the tentacle's reach. From here, take out all but one tentacle that you can see easily from that point. Destroy the ones you cannot see by peeking around and taking shots at the orbs, but return to your hiding point. This pillar will protect you from missile-like attacks and from the eye that shoots a beam weapon. If you get reduced to zero health, you can take out one of the orbs on the tentacle that you can see easily to be revived before you get killed and have to respawn. It's like killing another enemy. This is the reason why you must keep one tentacle. If you do get killed, the creature recovers all health but you will respawn in front of the creature. Once again, you can run to your pillar of protection hiding place. A few times in the battle, the tentacles will spawn and you have to take them out again. The tentacles are the source for the missile-type weapon it attacks with. thus, you reduce the number of tentacles it also reduces the about of missiles flying at you. With the tentacles almost gone, you can now focus your attack at the mouth/tongue and its eye for the critical shot. Repeat this process when the tentacles respawn. Having weapons that have infinite ammunition or having ones that create ammo is very useful with the large amount of health level that this Boss has.

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