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Borderlands Cheats "Treacher's Landing: Easy weapons" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  PC


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Treacher's Landing: Easy weapons

Go southeast from the start of the map. You will need to take out a few bandits in a small gathering of huts, but keep to the south east. You will find a red weapons crate up on a ledge. This was intended to be obtained once you looped around the map and were on your way out. However, there is a way to get to the ledge. On the right side is a cabinet to open. Jump on top, then locate a post along the fence. Jump to the post. From here you can jump onto the ledge with the red weapons crate. Then, continue southeast. You will encounter a hut with two bandits. Keep moving southeast along the water's edge. Once you pass a large boulder, you will see a ship. There is another red weapons crate on the ship. You can repeat this by going back to the save point at the beginning of the map, exiting once, and restarting by loading your character again. The weapons crates will have respawned.

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