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Burnout Paradise Cheats ""Party Pack" trophies" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  PC


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"Party Pack" trophies

Trophy How To Unlock
Every player take a photo for a Party

Awarded when every player in a Party takes a photo of themselves. Requires a USB camera to be connected.
Complete your 1st Party Round

Awarded when you complete the 1st Round of your 1st Party.
Every player succeeds in a Party Round

Awarded when every player successfully completes a Party Round.
Complete a Massive Party

Awarded when 8 players have completed an 8 Round Party.
Complete a Big Party

Awarded when 5-7 players have completed a Party.
Complete a Small Party

Awarded when 2-4 players have completed a Party.
Every player succeeds in every Party Game

Awarded upon completing a Party in which every player successfully completes every Game of every Round.

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