Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PS3 Cheats

Rating 7

Multiplayer prestige medals

Reach the following ranks to unlock the corresponding prestige medals:

Level 1 Gold shield with silver eagle. 
Level 10 Gold iron cross.
Level 2 Blue titanic diamond with star spikes. 
Level 3 Emerald in the middle with four lines with circles on the ends. 
Level 4 Black circle in the middle with white, gold, maroon, and tan edges. 
Level 5 Gold badge with one eye in the middle. 
Level 6 Gold eagle in the middle with six lines. 
Level 7 Thin cross with wings on the outside and a square gold lined sheet in the middle. 
Level 8 Red diamond in middle with a triangle shield on the outside with gold and white trim. 
Level 9 Maroon and black Star Of David.