Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PS3 Cheats

Rating 4

Sniping locations on "Ambush"

  • When playing the Marine's side (wooden shacks and the field), there is a dumpster in the back building that has a turret, up against a ground window. Crouch and sit inside the building behind the dumpster to snipe out of the window down the side alley. Also, in the back building, go up the stairs and turn left to a table beside the stairs. Climb onto the table and then onto the railing (banister). This might take a few attempts. Jump across the stairs and onto the gray ledge with the fencing. From here you have a great sniping view of the entrance to the field and the big concrete building on your side.
  • When playing on the OpFor/Spetznas side (the destroyed concrete buildings), as soon as the game starts, go straight to the hole in the ground. Directly in front of it are two roadblocks. Go prone (lie down) and look between them to snipe across the street to the opposite concrete building (helicopters can see you).
  • When playing on the OpFor/Spetznas side, go down the street and up the stairs on the left to find a sheet metal ledge that you can stand on. Stand on the edge of the sheet metal and look to the left (back to your spawn point) to notice an opening in the side of the building. Sprint jump off the end into the side of the building. This might require a few attempts.