Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PS3 Cheats

Rating 5

Unlockable Intel Pieces Options

Collect the following amounts of intel pieces to unlock the corresponding cheat options:

Collect 10 intel pieces Cluster Bombs: When a frag grenade explodes, four more will explode in a cross-shaped pattern.
Collect 15 intel pieces A Bad Year: Enemies explode into tires when shot.
Collect 2 intel pieces CoD Noir: Graphics turn black and white)
Collect 20 intel pieces Slow-Mo Ability: Slows game to half speed when you melee.
Collect 30 intel pieces Infinite Ammo: Reloads are no longer necessary. This has no effect with single-shot weapons such as RPGs, C4, or claymores.
Collect 4 intel pieces Photo-Negative: Inverts the colors.
Collect 6 intel pieces Super Contrast: Increases the contrast.
Collect 8 intel pieces Ragtime Warfare: Silent movie mode.