Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Cheats

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Call Of Duty easter egg

Go to a private match online, or split-screen and select the multi-player map "Terminal". Enter the match set up options and change the rules to the following: Spectating (Free). Once done, start the game, go to Spectator mode, and fly your camera to the top of the escalators near Burger Town restaurant. Once done, face the Burger Town restaurant and look to the right. You should see about four orange cones, a trash can, two benches, a table, and other objects blocking the other half of the terminal. Fly your camera over those items. Once done, face in the direction of Cherubini's. From there, look to the right to see a store named "Pete's Candy Shop." Go inside Pete's Candy Shop to find two Xbox 360 Call Of Duty games just floating to the left of the chocolate sign.