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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Cheats "Easy completion on "Estate Takedown" Spec Ops mission" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  PC


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Easy completion on "Estate Takedown" Spec Ops mission

Note: Two players are recommended for this trick. As soon as you begin you are greeted by a Juggernaut. Shoot him in the head with the sniper rifle a few times to take it out. Note: There may be other enemies, and the Juggernaut may not appear until you enter the safe house. Once the bottom floor is clear, go to the armory in the basement. If you have two players, have the person that's better at sniping collect the WA2000. Make sure you stock up on ammunition. The ammo containers are hard to find; you must search carefully for them on the right side. After you collect your guns, clear the main floor and the top floor. Once you clear the house, have the player with the sniper rifle run upstairs and go to the room to the left. Once they enter that room, go to the windows by the table with the sentry gun on it. The sniper snipes out of that window (it is located in the front of the room) while the other player guards the door while standing at the top of the stairs. Several Juggernauts will come through the front doors. Plant a claymore at the bottom of the stairs to slow them down. If your partner sees one, he or she must alert you so that you can use the sniper rifle on him. Keep repeating this until you complete the mission. If you need more claymores or ammunition, the armory is in the basement.

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