Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Cheats

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Easy completion on "War Driving"

To get easy kills in "War Driving" on Special Ops, instead of starting the laptop intel transfers in the closest house on the left, start in the second closest house. This is the closest house on the right where the one sentry gun is found. First, put the sentry gun on the right side of the house where it is not in the doorway of the enemies. Get a Striker with or without RDS and keep the SCAR-H with RDS that you begin with. Set claymores near the doorway and have the Honey Badger (your armored vehicle) attack the house. Stay prone behind the counter where you can only see the garage way in and start the transfer. The sentry gun will usually take out 90% to 100% of the enemies that come through the front door. Use your SCAR to take out the ones near the driveway. If a flash bang goes off, switch to the Striker and keep shooting until your visibility returns. Repeat until the transfer is complete. Refill your ammo at the drop off, then go to the house across the street with the sentry gun. Have the Honey Badger attack the house, set up claymores, then begin the transfer. After you start the transfer, immediately run up the stairs and go prone. Move back so that you can only shoot those who go up the stairs. They will eventually disrupt the transfer. Go from prone to crouched and use the SCAR against enemies you can see in the house without moving. Then, stand up and repeat. Switch to the Striker and kill any leftover enemies in the house and resume the transfer manually. If the sentry gun wasn't destroyed, take it or go to the last house where there are two sentry guns. Place them near (but not completely) in the two doorways and go prone close behind the desk where the laptop is found. This is the hardest house. Select the side which you think has more people coming through and use your SCAR as you are prone. Make good use of your flashbangs. You can restock on grenades and flashbangs when you refill your ammo at a drop. When an enemy flashbang comes through, use the Striker and hope you shoot the correct doorway.