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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Cheats "Professional perks" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  PC


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Professional perks

Unlock the following Professional perks by performing the corresponding tasks:

Bling Pro - Get 200 kills using a weapon that has two attachments. This will allow you to use two primary weapon attachments and two secondary weapon attachments.
Cold-Blooded Pro - Destroy 40 enemy Killstreak rewards with the Cold-Blooded perk. This allows you to be undetectable by UAV, air support, sentries, and thermal imaging. It also removes the red crosshair or name when you are targeted.
Commando Pro - Get 20 melee kills with the Commando perk. This will increase melee distance and you will not take damage when falling.
Danger Close Pro - Get 100 kills with explosives with the Danger Close perk. This will increase explosive weapon damage and extra air support damage.
Hardline Pro - Get 40 Killstreaks with the Hardline perk. This changes Killstreak rewards to require one less kill and Deathstreak rewards to require one less death.
Lightweight Pro - Run 30 Miles with the Lightweight perk. This will make you move faster and quickly aim after sprinting.
Marathon Pro - Run 26 Miles with the Marathon perk. This will give you unlimited sprint and allow you to climb obstacles faster.
Ninja Pro - Get 50 close range kills with the Ninja perk. This will make you invisible to heartbeat sensors and silent footsteps.
Scavenger Pro - Resupply 100 times with the Scavenger perk. This will allow you to resupply from dead enemies and get extra magazines.
Scrambler Pro - Get 50 close range kills with the Scrambler perk. This will jam enemy radar nearby and delay enemy claymore explosions.
Sitrep Pro - Destroy 120 detected explosives or tactical insertions with the Sitrep perk. This will allow you to detect enemy explosives, tactical insertions, and loud enemy footsteps.
Sleight Of Hand Pro - Get 120 kills with the Sleight Of Hand perk. This will allow you to reload and aim faster.
Steady Aim Pro - Get 80 hip fire kills with the Steady Aim perk. This will increase your hip fire accuracy and allow you to hold your breath longer.
Stopping Power Pro - Get 300 Kills with the Stopping Power perk. This will increase damage given to enemies and enemy vehicles.

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