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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Cheats "Perks" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  PC  |  Wii


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The following is a list of perks and their description:
Blind Eye Air Support and Sentries are undetectable.
Extreme Conditioning Increased sprint time.
Pro Bullet damage shows target on mini-map.
Pro Climbing speed increased.
Pro Fast Weapons Change.
Pro Fast lock-on for rockets. Increased bullet damage to vehicles.
Pro Get more ammo.
Recon Explosive damage shows target on mini-map.
Scavenger Get ammo from dead enemies.
Sleight of Hand Fast Reloading.

Assassin Immunity to UAV, portable radar, thermal, and heartbeat.
Blast Shield Increased explosive resistance.
Hardline Killstreaks require one fewer kill.
Overkill Carry two primary weapons.
Pro Faster recovery from using grenade/equipment.
Pro Immunity to CUAV and EMP, no red crosshair or name over you.
Pro Resistance to flashbangs and stuns.
Pro Second primary can have two attachments.
Pro Two assists count as kill towards killstreaks. Deathstreaks require one fewer death.
Quickdraw Faster Aiming.

Dead Silence Quieter movement, recon does not work as well against you.
Marksman Identify targets at more distant range.
Pro Add delay to enemy claymores before exploding.
Pro Do not take any fall damage.
Pro Hold your breath for longer when sniping.
Pro Opposing team’s footsteps make more noise.
Pro Weapon ready more quickly after sprint.
SitRep Detect Enemy Explosive and Tac Insert.
Stalker Increased movement speed while aiming down the sites.
Steady Aim Increased accuracy while firing from hip.

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