Call of Duty: World at War PS3 Cheats

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Zombies stuck in doorway on Zombie Verruckt

This trick works best in multiplayer mod. You must be on the side with the hospital chair and down yourself in the doorway closest to the door that separates the two sides unless the power is on (not by the Jugger-Nog) for this to work. In other words, no one can revive you. In the next round, crouch in the corner of the cabinet and look at the corner in the back (not the corner by the window), then stand and press [Jump] again. If done correctly, you should not jump. If you jump, crouch again. Make sure your crosshair is on the corner of the cabinet and on the wall. Keep trying until you do not jump. After that happens, turn around and look at the doorway you downed yourself at. All the zombies will go to where you downed yourself. An easy way to do this is in round 1 so you can get used to getting back in this position. After round 5, at the end of each round, make a few crawlers to collect ammo, go to the box, etc. If you have a lot of them, kill some to get more points. Note: Try killing the fast ones to get more time. Make sure no one else is close to you, otherwise the zombies will go after them. If the zombies get them, and are close enough to you, they will then also get you.