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Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Cheats "Hidden Konami Items" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Hidden Konami Items

Collect the following items in the corresponding locations to gain points. Note: The items will not appear in you inventory.
Chapter 1 Bell In the room with the three bells, slide underneath the lowest one. Jump up into it and the bell will drop down to your left. 
Chapter 2 Crown Hit the following keys on the piano (counting from the right)- 5 white, 5 black, 6 white, 5 white, 2 black, 5 white, 5 black, 6 black. 
Chapter 3 Moai Wake the Boss and let him clear the room. Then, jump kick through the center of the vortex in the background and the Moai will appear there. 
Chapter 4 Goemon Find the a small dark alcove jutting out of the wall at the right side of the level. Enter it and the Goemon will appear to your left. 
Chapter 5 Vic Viper Enter the top right corner of the right building and tap Up. Vic Viper will fly across above the building from the right. 
Chapter 6 Konami Man Jump up next to the blue roof before the final staircase and tap Up. Konami Man will fly in from the right and just above you.
Chapter 7 Vick13 Go to the top of the pyramid, then jump.

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