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Crash Team Racing Cheats "Unlockables" (PS3)


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Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:
101% Completion Beat adventure with all gold or platinum relics
Alternate Ending Gather all relics before defeating nitros oxide
Blue Gem Cup Gather all four blue CTR tokens
Fake Crash Beat The purple gem cup in adventure
Green Gem Cup Gather all four green CTR tokens
Komodo Joe Beat the blue gem cup in adventure
Lab Basement Beat all four arcade cups on hard
Lab Basement Complete adventure mode on hard
N. Trophy's ghost Beat a time trial time
N. Tropy Complete N. trophy's ghost on every track
Nitros Oxide's Ghost Beat N. trophy's ghost
North Bowl Complete adventure mode on medium
Papu Papu Complete the green gem cup In adventure
Parking Lot Beat all four arcade cups on easy
Parking Lot Complete adventure mode on easy
Pinstripe Beat the yellow gem cup in adventure
Purple Gem Cup Gather all four purple CTR tokens
Red Gem Cup Gather all four red CTR tokens
Ripper Roo Beat The red gem cup in adventure
Scrapbook Mode Beat nitros oxide's ghost on every track
The North Bowl Beat all four arcade cups on medium
Turbo Track Obtain all 5 gems
Yellow Gem Cup Gather all four yellow CTR tokes

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