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Dark Souls Cheats "Giant Stone Knights in Anor Londo great hall strategy" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Giant Stone Knights in Anor Londo great hall strategy

After making it inside the hall with the Giant Knights, Archer, path to Giant Blacksmith along the wall down from broken window and white light (Boss), run to the far left end with the door and a lever to the left of it. Move the lever to open the doors and create a shortcut back to the first bonfire. If you run outside, the knights will return to where they were standing. Walk back just inside the doors. Fire three poison arrows at the knight's back. Poison him and fire a few regular arrows to speed up his death. Once done, go to the point of the second light diamond on the floor just before the spot where you killed the knight. Repeat the process to kill the other knight. They also drop Titanite Chunks, which are needed for the lightning weapon upgrade, if your weapons are at level 10, from Andre the blacksmith across from Sen's fortress in the basement.

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