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Dark Souls Cheats "Soul and Item Duplication Glitch" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Soul and Item Duplication Glitch

Note: This will not work if you have downloaded the patch meant to fix this glitch. At a bonfire, interact so that no enemies are nearby, then unequip your head slot item and equip either the Grass Crest Shield or the Cloranthy Ring. Equip the dragon head stone with the soul or item you want to duplicate directly after it. Face forward and use your Dragon Head Stone again, this time holding SQUARE, then right after, turn around while still holding square, press DOWN on the D-pad to switch to the item used. Release SQUARE for a split second, then hold it down again. If done right, your character should be able to run around with his hands above his head.

2 years ago

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