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Darkstalkers Resurrection Cheats "Unlockable True Last Boss and Special Endings" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Unlockable True Last Boss and Special Endings

To fight Oboro Bishamon and unlock the special ending, defeat the following opponent without losing a single round and using a specific EX Finisher . The specific EX Finisher required is noted below. After defeating the final boss, Oboro Bishamon will appear. You'll get the special ending after the credits:
Anakaris Use Pharaoh Magic
B.B. Hood Use Beautiful Memory
Bishamon Use Oni Kubi Hineri
Demitri Use Midnight Pleasure
Felicia Use Please Help Me
Hsien-Ko Use Chuukadan
J. Talbain Use Moment Slice
Jedah Use Prova di Servo
L. Raptor Use Hell Dunk
Lilith Use Gloomy Puppet Show
Morrigan Use Darkness Illusion
Q-Bee Use +B
Rikuo Use Aqua Spread
Sasquatch Use Big Sledge
Victor Use Gerdenheim 3

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