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DC Universe Online Cheats ""The Battle For Earth" trophies" (PS3)

Game also available for:   PS4  |  PC


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"The Battle For Earth" trophies

Trophy How To Unlock
The Used to be Adventurers

Ensure all three Colossal Archers reach the front lines at the Paradise Court battle in the Themyscira: The Gates of Tartarus raid.

Complete the Themyscira: The Gates of Tartarus raid in 20 minutes or less.
In Prime Time

Finish the Prime Battleground Raid in 15 minutes or less.
Timely Closing Agruments

Defeat the Prosector and Defense Attorney within 10 seconds of each other in the South Gotham Courthouse Alert.
Jury Tampering

Stack the jury with 12 humans, not allowing any Brainiac Jurors to be transported to the Bailiff in the South Gothm Courthouse Alert.
Prime Numbers

Defeat all three Prime Avatars without destroying any of the Brainiac Spawners.
Bottle Opener

Complete 250 Battle for Earth Duos.
Guilty On All Charges

Allow all Sentences to run their full course when fighting the Supreme Justice in the South Gotham Courthouse Alert.
Uncover the Truth

Complete all of the Collections, Briefings, and Investigations available in the Battle for Earth DLC.

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