Dead Rising 2 PS3 Cheats

Rating 1

Food combinations

Use the following combinations to create the corresponding food:

Energizer (cannot be injured for ten seconds) Chili + Chili, Taco + Hamburger 
Nectar (attracts nearby Queens and spawns one Queen nearby for six minutes) Orange Juice + Orange Juice, Jelly Beans + Beer, Onion Rings + Orange Juice 
Pain Killer (take half physical damage for one minute) Beer + Beer, Vodka + Vodka 
Quick Step (increase movement speed for one minute) Milk + Jelly Beans, Wine + Beer, Bacon + Pie 
Randomizer (stomach pains that make Chuck vomit three times within three minutes) Beer + Cooking Oil, Wine + Vodka 
Repulse (zombies ignore you for one minute; cancels out Zombait) Bacon + Chili, Chili + Large Soda, Chili + Ketchup, Chili + Onion Rings, Chili + Pie 
Spitfire (spit flames at zombies for one minute) Bacon + Onion Rings, Ketchup + Ketchup, Bacon + Orange Juice, Chili + Orange Juice 
Untouchable (cannot be grabbed by zombies but can still take damage from attacks for one minute) Bacon + Bacon, Pizza + Large Soda, Bacon + Milk, Chili + Milk, Onion Rings + Milk, Onion Rings + Pie, Pie + Orange Juice, Orange Juice + Milk