Dead Rising 2 PS3 Cheats

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Free Zombrex locations

Search the following locations to get free Zombrex.

Americana Casino Follow the right side at the fork on the second floor of the BBQ restaurant. Jump on the balcony and over to the closest light then continue across the rest of the lights.
Code Blue mission Save and bring the paramedic to Dean (from the Once Bitten mission). The paramedic will also give Dean a free Zombrex.
Royal Flush Plaza Defeat the Postal Worker during the mission.
Royal Flush Plaza Found during the case, in Big Roy’s Mart.
Silver Strip Diner Bring Richard (Hunger Pains) food and rescue him.
Slot Ranch Casino Go backstage behind the curtain and climb up the stack of boxes and speakers. Jump on a smaller stack of boxes and speakers.
Underground Access Go directly under the Atlantica Casino. Note- The underground path overlaps the upper edge of the casino. The Zombrex is near an access ladder on a raised walkway.
Yucatan Casino Look on top of the tallest slot machine display in the middle.