Deadly Premonition PS3 Cheats

Rating 1

Free Items

At the Greenvale Sheriff's Office, go downstairs to the shooting range and shoot at a target until it says "Item Acquired!" Turn around and find the item you just earned. Each target has a different item. Repeat as desired.

Rating 0

Unlockable Weapons

Unlock the following weapons by performing the corresponding tasks:

10mm submachine gun Complete Sidequest #14: "Map To Psychic Spot A".
12Ga shotgun CQB Complete Sidequest #15: "Map To Psychic Spot B".
Axe -Re-enter the Sheriff Department Other World. Chainsaw Re-enter the Harry's Mansion Other World.
Grass Cutter Re-enter the Community Center Other World.
Light Sword Complete Sidequest #39: "Top Collector".
RPG Complete Sidequest #16: "Map To Psychic Spot C".
Wesley Special Complete Sidequest #50: "Ghost House Treasure".
Wrench Complete Sidequest #29: "Engagement Ring".