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Devil May Cry 4 Cheats "Royal Guard style glitch" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  PC


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Royal Guard style glitch

Note: You must have a fully leveled up Royal Guard style and posses the ability called "Dreadnaught". Dreadnaught is performed by holding R1 + Left Analog-stick Away + Circle. This ability encases you in invulnerable armor, depending on how full your royal gauge is. However, you can still perform Dreadnaught with an empty royal gauge and get about five seconds of invulnerability. You will also have limited movement during a Dreadnaught. Perform the Dreadnaught and, at the precise moment it runs out, switch your melee weapon (R2). If done fast enough, you will keep the Dreadnaught armor and be able to move freely. Note: You are still fully able to take damage, as well as move normally.

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