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Devil May Cry HD Collection Cheats ""Devil May Cry 2 HD" trophies" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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"Devil May Cry 2 HD" trophies

Trophy How To Unlock
Every Knee Will Bend

Finish the game on Normal Mode with any character.
First Blood

Pass 1000 levels in Bloody Palace Mode.
Highest Honor

Achieve an S Rank on any Mission with Dante.
The Sky's The Limit

Achieve an S Rank on any Mission with Lucia.
No Joke

Defeat Jokatgulm.
That's A Big Mother...

Defeat Noctpteran.
Ball 'n Chain

Defeat Plutonian.
Not Just Any Ordinary Human

Defeat Phantom.
Never Forget a Face

Defeat Trismagia .

Defeat the final boss with either Dante or Lucia.

Perform an S Rank Combo using Dante.
En Vogue

Perform an S Rank Combo using Lucia.
Every Head Will Bow

Finish the game on Hard Mode with any character.
Barehand Beauty

Finish the game on any difficulty with Trish.
A Secret Revealed

Complete a Secret Mission.
Blood Letting

Pass 5000 floors in Bloody Palace Mode.
Vita Maxima

Max out Health Bar with any character.
Magica Maxima

Max out Devil Trigger Gauge with any character.
Caeruleus Diabolus

Collect 12 Blue Orb fragments (Dante/Lucia).
Two Heads are Better Than One

Defeat Tartarussian.
Monkeying Around

Defeat Orangguerra.
Sin City

Defeat Nefasturris.
Deep One

Defeat Tateobesu.
Hungry Like the Wolves

Defeat Bolverk.
Armed and Dangerous

Reach Level 3 on any Sword with Lucia .
Arms Race

Reach Level 3 on any Gun with Dante.
Full Armory

Collect all Swords with Dante.
Check Out My Collection

Collect all Arsenals with Lucia.
Take Heart, Lucia

Collect all Devil Hearts with Lucia.
Every Tongue Will Confess

Finish the game on Must Die Mode with any character.
Over 9000!

Pass 9000 floors in Bloody Palace Mode .
Like A Hot Knife Through Butter

Reach Level 3 on all Swords with Dante.
To The Max

Reach Level 3 on all Arsenals with Lucia.
Platinum Trophy

Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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