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Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Cheats "Unlockable Classes" (PS3)


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Unlockable Classes

Unlock the following classes by performing the corresponding tasks:
Android Complete the main game and start a second playthough.
Archer Have a Healer and Valkyrie at level 15.
Armor Knight Have a Warrior at level 20.
Beast Master Have a Warrior or Valkyrie at level 15.
Gunner Have a Thief and Skull atlevel 15.
Lady Samurai Have a Valkyire and Archer at level 30.
Magic Knight Have a Warrior or Valkyrie, and Skull or Witch at level 30.
Masked Hero Have a Thief and Warrior at level 25.
Ninja Have a Thief and Skull at level 30.
Onmyo Monk Have a Sorcerer and Ninja at level 30.
Professor Have a Healer and Sorcerer at level 20.
Sorcerer Have a Skull and Witch at level 15.

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