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DJ Hero Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  Wii


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Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at "Options" > "Cheats":

NOTE 1: This code will disable saving the game and the leaderboards.
NOTE 2: This code cannot be activated with any other code
NOTE 3: Enter this code under "Unlock Everything" in the "Cheats" menu.
NOTE 4: enter this code under "Retail Codes" in the "Cheats" menu.
All characters [NOTE 1] uNA2 
All decks [NOTE 1] LAuP 
All headphones [NOTE 1] 62Db 
All mixes, characters, and stages [NOTE 1] , [NOTE 3] tol0 
All songs [NOTE 1] 82xI 
All venues [NOTE 1] Wv1u 
Auto Effects Dial [NOTE 1] ab1L 
Auto Fader [NOTE 1] SL5d 
Auto Scratch [NOTE 1] IT6j 
Auto Tapper [NOTE 1] ZitH 
Auto win Euphoria phrases [NOTE 1] r3a9 
Black and White [NOTE 1] ,[NOTE 2] b!99 
Blank Plinths [NOTE 1] ipr0 
DJ AM and mixes [NOTE 4] k07u 
DJ Jazzy Jeff and mixes [NOTE 4] n1fz 
DJ Shadow and mixes [NOTE 4] oMxV 
DJ Z-Trip and mixes [NOTE 4] 5rtg 
Daft Punk and mixes [NOTE 4] D1G? 
Edge Effect [NOTE 1] ,[NOTE 2] 2u4u 
Grandmaster Flash [NOTE 4] Ami8 
Hamster Switch; flips crossfader [NOTE 1] 7geo 
Hyperdeck mode [NOTE 1] 76st 
Invisible DJ [NOTE 1] oh5T 
Midas; yellow background [NOTE 1] ,[NOTE 2] 4pe5 
Pitch Black Out; black background [NOTE 1] ,[NOTE 2] d4kr 
Play in Bedroom venue [NOTE 1] g7nH 
Rainbow; colorful background [NOTE 1],[NOTE 2] ?jy! 
Short Deck [NOTE 1] 51uC 
Use any DJ with any set [NOTE 1] 0Jj8 

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