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Dragon Age: Origins Cheats "All talents and specializations on one character glitch" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  PC


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All talents and specializations on one character glitch

Note: This trick allows you to be a Templar, Berzerker, Reaver, and a Champion all on the same character, as well as have every Talent ability and a massive stat boost. Start the game and get to your party camp for the first time. You will see the Tomes that increase your stats by one and give you a talent to use. Buy it, but do not use it. Instead, save these tomes until you get a second one. When you get the second tome, use the "Duplicate items" glitch and copy as many as desired. Before you use it, be sure to save the game. Also, do not choose any specializations until after you have every talent possible. When that is done, use the tome and select a specialization. When doing the stats, choose "Auto Level Up". If you keep doing this, it should unlock the specializations for that character and you can use the talents for said specialization. Make sure you plan out your stat choices.

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