Dragon Age: Origins PS3 Cheats

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Each gift helps every character raise their liking of the "Warden" or main character you create. The following is a list of the gifts and the corresponding items that will increase your friendship with that character:

Alistair Alidtair's Mothers Amulet, Stone Warrior Statue, Stone Dragon Statue, Black Runestone, White Runestone, Duncan's Shield, Joining Chalice, Onyx Demon Statue, Small Carved Statue.
Liliana Andraste's Grace, Blue Satin Boots, Bronze, Steel and Gold Symbol of Andraste, Cute Nug, Etched Silver Symbol, Chantry Amulet, Silver Sword of Mercy.
Morigan Silver Chain. Gold Mirror, Flemeth's Grimoire, Flemeth's Real Grimoire, Gold Amulet, Golden Demon Pendant, Golden Rope Necklace, Locket, Silver Brooch, Silver Medallion.
Oghren All the alcoholic drinks you find.
Sten Sten's Sword, Totem and the paintings you find.
Wynne Fancy Scroll, Wine, the books you find.
Zevran Dalish Gloves, Antivian Leather Boots, gold and silver bars