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Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi Cheats "Heavy Type Hero Unlockables" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Heavy Type Hero Unlockables

The following are skills, super attacks, and ultimate attacks unlocked by completing the corresponding tasks through training under the various masters as a Heavy type Hero:
Abyss Impact Complete #18's Sparring 3
Android Charge 14 Complete #17's Sparring 6
Arm Break Complete Nappa's Sparring 6
Broly Type Complete Broly's Sparring 13
Brutal Destruction Complete Super Janemba's Sparring 8
Burning Shoot Complete Ultimate Gohan's Sparring 5
Cell Type Complete Cell's Sparring 10
Darkness Sword Attack Complete Majin Vegeta's Sparring 7
Dimension Sword Attack Complete Super Janemba's Sparring 13
Dore terrible Flash Complete Cui's Sparring 8
Double Eraser Cannon Complete Broly's Sparring 5
Eraser Cannon Complete Raditz's Sparring 3
Eraser Shot Volley Complete Bardock's Sparring 6
Evil Warrior Aura Green Complete Cui's Sparring 8
Eye Beam Complete #16's Sparring 2
Full Power Frieza Aura Complete Frieza's Sparring 4
Full Power SS Deadly Bomber Complete #18's Sparring 6
Galactic Blow Complete Goku's Sparring 8
Galactic Tyrant Complete Vegeta's Sparring 8
Gold Flame Aura Complete Trunks' Sparring 4
Grand Smasher Complete Broly's Sparring 13
Grease Lightning Complete Broly's Sparring 3
Green Flame Aura Complete Tien's Sparring 6
Health+2 Complete Ginyu's Sparring 6
Health+3 Complete #16's Sparring 6
Health+7 Complete Trunks' Sparring 2
Hyper Tornado Complete Ultimate Gohan's Sparring 3
Iron Wall Complete Majin Vegeta's Sparring 10
Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Aura Complete Broly's Sparring 8
Lightning Shower Rain Complete Super Janemba's Sparring 5
Lightning Speed Complete Super Janemba's Sparring 10
Machine Impact Complete #16's Sparring 4
Majin Buu Aura Complete Super Vegito's Sparring 8
Majin Vegeta Aura Complete Majin Vegeta's Sparring 5
Melee Attack+1 Complete #16's Sparring 1
Melee Attack+10 Complete Ultimate Gohan's Sparring 10
Melee Attack+2 Complete #17's Sparring 1
Melee Attack+5 Complete Piccolo's Sparring 1
Melee Attack+6 Complete Goku's Sparring 2
Melee Attack+7 Complete Frieza's Sparring 2
Melee Attack+9 Complete Cell's Sparring 10
Mystic Crasher Complete Piccolo's Sparring 6
Nappa Cannon Complete Nappa's Sparring 8
Nappa Type Complete Nappa's Sparring 8
New Android Aura Complete #18's Sparring 3
Omega Shenron Aura Complete Super Janemba's Sparring 13
Perfect Combination Complete Cell's Sparring 5
Please Leave Complete Piccolo's Sparring 3
Protection Complete Broly's Sparring 13
Pure Blood Saiyan Aura Complete Bardock's Sparring 3
Purple Flame Aura Complete Ginyu's Sparring 3
Resilient Body Complete Super Janemba's Sparring 8
Revenger Cannon Complete Super Vegito's Sparring 13
Robo-type Android Aura Complete #16's Sparring 3
Self Destruct Device Complete #16's Sparring 6
Solar Kamehameha Complete Cell's Sparring 7
Sturm und Drang Complete Super Vegito's Sparring 3
Super Attack+4 Complete Bardock's Sparring 1
Super Attack+8 Complete Majin Vegeta's Sparring 2
Super Saiyan 2 Aura Complete Vegeta's Sparring 4
Super Saiyan 3 Aura Complete Goku's Sparring 4
Thruster Kick Complete Cui's Sparring 6
Thunder Flash Complete Ultimate Gohan's Sparring 7
Tough Complete Raditz's Sparring 6
Trap Shooter Complete Trunks' Sparring 8
Ultimate Blow Complete Super Vegito's Sparring 5
Volcano Eruption Complete Nappa's Sparring 4
Yellow Flame Aura Complete #17's Sparring 3
You Are Stronger Than I Expected Complete Frieza's Sparring 8

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