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Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi Cheats "Light Type Hero Unlockables" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Light Type Hero Unlockables

The following are skills, super attacks, and ultimate attacks unlocked by completing the corresponding tasks through training under the various masters as a Light type Hero. You may only need to complete the indicating sparring sessions or you may need to complete all sessions up to and including the indicated session:
Barrage Death Beam Complete Frieza's Sparring 3
Big Tree Cannon Complete Trunks' Sparring 8
Charging Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball Complete Gotenks' Sparring 13
DIE DIE Missile Barrage Complete Gotenks' Sparring 10
Destroy The Planet Complete Frieza's Sparring 8
Destructo Disc Complete Krillin's Sparring 6
Energy Blast Barrage Complete Ultimate Gohan's Sparring 5
Evil Warrior Aura Pink Complete Cui's Sparring 8
Explosive Ki Blast Complete Gotenks' Sparring 10
Fiery Ki Blast Complete Super Gogeta's Sparring 13
Fissure Slash Complete Frieza's Sparring 6
Flash Complete Cell's Sparring 10
Frieza Final Form Aura Complete Frieza's Sparring 4
Galactic Donuts Complete Super Gogeta's Sparring 13
Gohan Type Complete Gohan's Sparring 8
Gotenks Type Complete Gotenks' Sparring 13
Great Shield Complete Gotenks' Sparring 13
Health+10 Complete Gotenks' Sparring 3
Health+4 Complete Piccolo's Sparring 1
Health+6 Complete Goku's Sparring 2
Health+9 Complete Frieza's Sparring 8
High Shield Complete Majin Vegeta's Sparring 10
Homing Energy Wave Complete Tien's Sparring 6
Intense Ki Blast Complete Super Vegito's Sparring 3
Kaioken Aura Complete Goku's Sparring 4
Kamehameha Complete Krillin's Sparring 3
Ki Blast Attack+1 Complete Krillin's Sparring 1
Ki Blast Attack+10 Complete Ultimate Gohan's Sparring 10
Ki Blast Attack+2 Complete Ginyu's Sparring 6
Ki Blast Attack+3 Complete #18's Sparring 1
Ki Blast Attack+4 Complete Bardock's Sparring 1
Ki Blast Attack+5 Complete Piccolo's Sparring 6
Ki Blast Attack+6 Complete Gohan's Sparring 2
Ki Blast Attack+7 Complete Trunks' Sparring 2
Ki Blast Attack+9 Complete Cell's Sparring 5
Kid Buu Aura Complete Super Vegito's Sparring 8
Melee Attack+3 Complete #17's Sparring 6
Melee Attack+8 Complete Majin Vegeta's Sparring 2
Navy Flame Aura Complete Trunks' Sparring 4
Perpetual Motion Machine Complete Super Gogeta's Sparring 10
Pink Flame Aura Complete Ginyu's Sparring 3
Quiet Rage Complete Goku's Sparring 8
Red Flame Aura Complete #17's Sparring 3
Revenge Cannon Complete Super Vegito's Sparring 13
Shiden Complete Super Vegito's Sparring 10
Shield Complete Raditz's Sparring 6
Spread Energy Blast Complete #18's Sparring 6
Super Assault Combo Complete Gohan's Sparring 3
Super Attack+6 Complete Gohan's Sparring 8
Super Gogeta Aura Complete Super Gogeta's Sparring 8
Super Kamehameha Complete Gohan's Sparring 6
Super Masenko Complete Piccolo's Sparring 3
Super Saiyan 4 Aura Complete Gotenks' Sparring 8
Super Saiyan Aura B Complete Vegeta's Sparring 4
Whirlwind Complete Vegeta's Sparring 8
You Might Die This Time Complete Frieza's Sparring 4

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