Dungeon Twister PS3 Cheats

Rating 1


Trophy How To Unlock
First Twist
Rotate a room for the first time.
Novice strategist
Win mission 9 against the computer.
Reveal 3 rooms in a row with 3 action points.
Eliminate 2 enemies with only one action point.
He had a thick skin!
Eliminate your opponent's Troll.
Make at least 5 characters get out during the same game.
Leave with 2 Treasures during the same turn.
Throw a Fireball at a distance of more than 8 squares from your target.
Get ready for PlayStation®Network!
Finish the Training mode.
Don't forget to eat...
Finish at least 30 multiplayer games on PlayStation Network.
Total respect
Collect more than 5000 points in Challenge mode.
You are the new Arch-Mage!
Win a difficulty 12 game in Challenge mode.