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Dynasty Warriors 6 Cheats "Unlocking Yuan Shao" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  PC


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Unlocking Yuan Shao

  • On the 'Battle Of Guan Du' scenario, play as the Cao Cao force and make ure thatYan Jin and Bai Ma do not fall. You will need a powerful character that can defeat enemies fast. Make sure to have Renbu Bag, a long Musou gauge, and a fast warhorse. The enemy officers will attempt to siege Bai Ma and Yan Jin at the same time. Move between them as quickly as possible to aid the guards. If either falls at any time during the battle, the target is a failure. Keep the enemy back and defeat Yuan Shao as fast as possible.

  • During the 'Battle Of Guan Du' scenario as the Cao Cao force, play as a strong character with a fast horse. Go straight towards Yuan Shao, jumping down the cliffs and ignoring Yan Jin and Bai Ma. Kill him immediately. If done correctly, you will kill him before either fort falls. You will have completed the third target and Yuan Shao will be unlocked.

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